Software development involves creatively coming up with applications that allow people to do specific tasks on computers or other devices. Software developers create, design and code more than just the simple programs. To be the best software developer, you need to do the following:


Determine the kind of programming you are interested in: decide whether you want to develop iseries software for mobile devices, the web, televisions or gaming consoles. Like any other employment field, choose what excites you to realize best outcomes. You must have the problem -solving skills, analytical mind, curiosity,passion for learning and updated with trends in the technology industry.


Learn the craft of programming:  determine the best way you can learn the art of programming. Find what works for you and the learning path that fits your situation. Do exams or undergo training that will enable you to learn best. Ask questions and support when necessary. Evaluate yourself and determine if you are enjoying the knowledge you have obtained and the work. You should enjoy programming to be successful.


Learn programming fundamentals: you must learn how to program and use programming language because problem solving is the essence of software development at Know all the basics of computer programming. Exchange ideas and experiences with other developers and team members to succeed.


Select a programming language: programming languages include FORTRAN, COBOL, Clipper, PowerBuilder, Delphi, C#, Java and Python among others. You must explore some of the languages and determine which ones you love more and are more comfortable to use.


Practice to be perfect: Do lots of practice to gain experience. Software development is more of practical than theory so ensure you practice what you have learnt. Bid jobs, offer your services and interact with other developers. You can start as a freelancer before getting established and looking for full time employment. Learning is a continuous process and you can learn through the practical experiences you get. Attend related events and activities.


Business approach to software development: you should be both technical and business oriented in order to satisfy your customers' needs. You should understand software from business point of view, solve business problems with technical solutions and appreciate clients' needs.



School is not the only place to learn how to be a good software developer. You can learn from the internet and get support to unlock your career in the constantly growing software development field. Having a passion and being willing to learn will increase how much you get in a day.

The current evolution of operating system saw the renaming of i5/OS from originally named OS/400 to IBM i in April 2008 when IBM (International Business Machines) Corporation announced the new Power System line of servers.


During its normal operation, IBM i requires minimal or no on-site attention from experts. It has multiple redundant disks replaced online and a built-in database that does not require separate installation. Its hardware and small business accounting software maintenance tasks are integrated. It can support multiple virtual systems on a single hardware footprint with stability and integrity. The built-in virtualization enables you to run multiple applications together in one instance, boosting system utilization ,a simplified computing system and delivering better return on your IT investments.


With wizard driven system administration, all common system maintenance is automatically scheduled and can identify shortcomings and order spare parts and service automatically.


IBM iis object based meaning no files but only objects of different types. It has trusted security with auditing and compliance tools making it simple to deploy object-based security model, enhanced virus resistance, intrusion detection, prevention and audit journal, encrypt data on disk and backups and secure networking with SSL and VPN. It incorporates UNIX applications;therefore, you do not need to learn UNIX system administration to provide support for high performance for other solutions like Java.


Companies that adopt this  online accounting software meet the highest service levels defined by their business units and can handle every new business opportunity.IBM i helps your company to focus on innovation and deliver new technological value to your business rather than diverting resources to manage your data center operations. It lowers operating costs when paired with the latest Power R platform by giving it dynamic infrastructure flexibility and modern capabilities.


IBM i has integrated storage management, web-based systems management, host managed storage for i, AIX and LINUX, hierarchal storage management for solid state drives, and is supported by PowerVM and VIOS virtualization making it have simplified operations and storage management for your business.


Its components are fully developed, tested and the core middleware components preloaded by IBM company, enabling you to deploy applications faster and maintain them with lesser staff.  IBM i has technology independent machine interface with the processor and memory capacity on demand enabling you to grow your business without disruption.



It has flexible licensing options to meet your specific business needs. IBM iis highly recommended for you to have a competitive advantage in the business environment.

There are now software development that are being outsourced, and that it is not anymore on the basis about having a specific application development, but more so on the designing as well as on the development of custom software programs with advance complexity attach. Software development has reach new territories and that it includes things like being able to tap on the spectrum of financial services, the retail, as well as on the e governance.


Outsourced software development has made it possible for the fast tracking of the IT world such that it will enable a total connection of all those people who wanted to reap benefits from using such. In fact, with this development, there is a blurring in the geographical boundaries that is present, and that it has certainly made the entire world to become a global marketplace in itself. That is why, most of the industry giants have invested in full fledged office in the developing world, such that these company are able to see the great benefit that they are able to get from the outsourcing of the software development.


The benefits that these big companies are able to get when they are outsourcing their software development abroad or at is that they are able to rapidly expand and that they are able to maximize and get the most from the investment that they are able to share. Certainly, there are a lot of benefits that global companies are able to get when they are outsourcing from abroad. The reason why there are so many companies that are looking at outsourcing their software abroad is that they are able to benefit from the best and high quality of the outcome of the product, and that they are also able to get so much cost saving measures when they are able to have such a treatment done.



In the initial stage of the websphere outsourcing, there were surely some apprehension with regards to the quality as well as the perception on the difference of culture as well as on the working practice, but all these were hurdled at the end of the day. These apprehension with outsourcing were slowly solved due to the fact that closer communication as well as that of collaborative environment  and better supervision are all put in place. With the integration of the onshore project management as well as that of an offshore development in application, there is the product of a highly competitive product as a result.